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Supertint Car Safety & Security

Viper Auto Security from Supertint

Viper security systems wrap your vehicle in protection with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today. These state-of-the-art systems offer shock sensor, siren, starter kill, keyless entry, remote start, GPS tracking and 2 way paging systems.

Tired of False Alarms?

Viper systems employ what we call Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC) which is smart enough to adjust itself to a variety of environmental conditions such as thunder, jackhammers, or airport parking lots. If NPC activates, only the zone that activated three times in 60 minutes is ignored. All other zones remain active, and disarming with the transmitter doesn’t reset the NPC; it’s only cleared when the ignition is turned on. Best of all, NPC brings that sensor back online in an hour if no further problems are detected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I lost my remote, how do I start my car?

A. Every alarm has a failsafe to turn it off, and all models have a different sequence to do it. Refer to the owners manual that was supplied after installation to find how to disarm your alarm. Or call your nearest Supertint store for more assistance.

Q. Can I get another owners manual?

A. Yes, go to Mongoose to download a new one.

Q. My Remote doesn’t work how do I fix it?

A. Replace the internal battery by unscrewing the cover. Make sure to use the correct battery.

Q. The car siren has started going off for no reason what has happened?

A. Check that the car hasn’t got a flat battery. If not the vehicle shock sensor my have picked up a vibration and may need to be adjusted (Return to your nearest dealer to have this done)

Q. Can I have more remotes for my Alarm?

A. A. Yes, most alarms supplied by Supertint can have up to 4 remotes.

Q. What if there’s a problem and I don’t know what’s wrong?

A. If such issue ever occurs… Supertint to the rescue, phone us or bring your car in and we will happily help you out!