Electronic Rust Prevention / Protection


Electronic rustproofing is the latest and greatest technology to protect your car from rust for good. CouplerTec has been voted the world’s best when it comes to rustproofing and here’s why, because it actually works. There’s no question why everyone favours CouplerTEC electronic rustproofing systems for their motor vehicles rust protection. Electronic Rust Protection Gold Coast wide with authorised expert installation, protecting your beloved ride from nasty rust.

Here’s why CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing is the best, safest and smartest option for your motor vehicle:
• It actually works!
• It’s affordable
• It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t get in the way, you’ll never know it’s there. Like a silent ninja on a mission to fight off all rust.
• 100% Environmentally friendly
• After Supertint installs your CouplerTec, we will provide a yearly check-up, service and update to ensure everything’s running perfectly.
• Adds value to your motor vehicle
• Will protect your motor vehicle from rust in the harshest of conditions.
• Unmatched protection, guaranteed.

CouplerTec technology works in the same way on vehicles old and new ensuring that all areas of the vehicle are protected inside and out. Our research has determined that the addition of a CouplerTec system to a vehicle will ensure that small paint chips and scratches will not spread, and there is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that the technology ensures the vehicle’s paintwork and lustre is kept looking like new for longer.

In addition to having a sparkling rust free car, the sale value of your car will be increased. As a result of your motor vehicle being protected from rust and having NO RUST, your vehicle’s resale value is likely to be greatly enhanced. The CouplerTec system itself adds value and the fact that the system’s life is indefinite, ensures the increased prospects of greater vehicle resale value. Also, unlike toxic, and potentially harmful conventional sprays and coatings that need to be reapplied on a regular basis, a CouplerTec system is a once only investment.

Since Supertint learnt about Couplertec’s Electronic Rust Protection powers, we have been amongst Gold Coast’s leading Couplertec Authorised Installers ever since. We trust Couplertec’s Electronic Rust Protection excellence because IT WORKS, we have tried and tested every rust protection / prevention method out there and now we won’t provide no other rust protection than Couplertec. We even have the Heavy Duty 4WD System on our very own Nissan Patrol GU 4×4, used for beach driving, camping and more – with no rust to be found anywhere! We provide Electronic Rust Protection Gold Coast wide – with authorised expert installation, protecting your beloved ride from nasty rust. STOP RUST, GUARANTEED – That’s Couplertec’s promise, and we proudly stand behind that.

Electronic Rust Protection Gold Coast

Couplertec Electronic Rust Protection and Prevention Gold Coast