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Vehicle Alarm Warranties Information | Mongoose Australia Warranty Conditions

Mongoose warrants for a period of 36 months/60 Months depending on Alarm model, that it will make good without charge at Mongoose discretion, by repair or replacement with a reasonable equivalent, any defect in the product providing that:

· The defect has been notified as soon as it is noticed to an authorised Mongoose installation centre, distributor or agent (in the first instance to the original installation centre).
· The alarm is less than 3 years (5 years for some models) of age from the date of sale and was manufactured within the last 4 years (6 years).
· The alarm has been installed by an approved Mongoose installation agent
· It has been installed according to the AS/NZS 3749.2 Installation Standards and/or to our written instructions.
· Provision of proof of purchase stating where it was purchased and by whom it was installed.
· If the alarm is installed by anyone other than an approved Mongoose installer a 12 month parts only warranty applies
· An authorised installation centre has determined that the defect complained of is a genuine product defect and not caused by:
1. Incorrect installation or any other consequential damage caused by the vehicle or other vehicle parts
2. Operation of alarm after it is known to be defective
3. Alteration or modification of the alarm or its components
4. The fitment of additional security parts or accessories not supplied by or approved of by Mongoose
5. Any work carried out on the alarm by someone other than an authorised Mongoose installation centre
6. Misuse, accident, deliberate act or abuse (eg: misdirected electrical current, ingress of water or fluid, vehicle damage)

· Removal & refitting costs of parts
· Mobile service costs
· Batteries, i.e. remote controls
· Normal wear and tear
· Alarms operated outside the original country of purchase
· Freight costs of parts to rectification centres
· Transport costs of getting a vehicle to a repair centre
· Consequential costs of vehicle non-operation where the remote controls or PIN code card are lost, not available, or an inability to use.

Warranty for the installation is borne by the original installing agent only.
The period and terms of warranty are determined by the installation agent and should be verified with them.
Rectification work required to correct an installation fault carried out by anyone other than the original installation agent will incur their charges.
Authorisation to have this work carried out and agreement to have any costs refunded should be obtained from the original installation agent prior
to work commencing.
Whilst every care is taken in fitting the security system, Mongoose accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to a vehicle in the installation
process. Responsibility is borne by the installer.


a) If the vehicle is sold complete with this product together with an original proof of purchase, the new owner receives the balance of
any warranty period remaining. If proof of purchase is not provided, then this warranty ceases on change of vehicle ownership.
b) If the original owner has the system re-installed into an alternative vehicle by an authorise Mongoose installation centre, the owner
receives the remaining period of warranty. If re-installed by an unauthorised person, this warranty ceases.

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