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Home Tint & House Window Tinting on the Gold Coast

Living on the Gold Coast begs the question, how do I reduce the Heat / UV in my house?
First thing’s first Gold Coast, HOME WINDOW TINTING

Window Tinting on your House Helps HUGELY with Heat Reduction and Privacy
– House, Office & Commercial Window tint films works wonders for heat reduction and privacy, making it harder for your outside viewers to see inside during the day while not effecting your vision looking outside. However, window tint works to where the light’s greatest, so when lights are on inside and it’s dark outside, the effect flips, so at night time, be aware of this. Additionally, Supertint’s premium 3M window films can block out up to 80% of heat! that makes a whole world of difference, and reduces the amount which you use your air conditioning, saving you money down the track making your investment well worth it. We have been tinting cars, homes, offices and commercial buildings on the Gold Coast since 1976, with a family team delivering nothing short of excellence in service and quality. If you’ve got a family to protect in your beloved Gold Coast house, give our friendly team at Supertint a call today to discuss your window tinting options.

Save Energy and Money on the Gold Coast with House Tinting
– Energy savings can be one of the most important criteria when choosing a residential or commercial window film. In new homes, windows can cause about 75 percent of heat gain during the summer months, which drives up air-conditioning costs especially on the Gold Coast. This heat gain can also affect your overall budget. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 45 percent of a typical utility bill is dedicated to heating and cooling. The amount of energy savings is dependent on a number of factors, including tree shading and the orientation and location of the house, along with the type of film used.

With Tinted Windows you Block Out Harmful UV Rays to Minimise Furniture & Skin Damage
– Having good quality window film is essential to dramatically extend the lifetime of your beloved leather furniture, fancy curtains and blinds and even yourself. Dangerous UV rays come shooting through clear un-tinted windows directly on to anything in its path, by having your windows tinted you block out these UV rays, protecting your beloved household furniture and items and also reducing the risk of skin cancers.

Improve Comfort with nice cool Tinted Windows in your Gold Coast home
– Nobody likes to live in a fish bowl, but without your windows tinted it gets a little bit like that. When you’re watching TV and the sun-light is making it practically impossible to see anything or when you’re standing in the kitchen getting blasted by the glarey sunlight. Or, if you’re in a Gold Coast residential building, you’re just making your customers, workers and yourself put up with the unforgiving heat, unbearable glare and skin damaging UV rays. However, with tinted windows all these worries are thrown out the window, blocking out huge amounts of heat, glare and UV rays.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take for my house window tint to dry?

A. It is important not to touch your windows for at least 48 hours after installation. It is also important not to clean the glass during the drying period, normally 21 days. A hazy or milky appearance and moisture bubbles will be evident soon after initial application. Do not be concerned; all will slowly disappear during the curing process. This may take more than 21 days in cold or wet climates.

Q. How do I clean the tint on my tinted home windows?

A. SUPERTINT’s Commercial & Residential Window Tinting Film is virtually maintenance-free. Cleaning is easy; a soft, clean cloth and soapy water is all you need to keep your windows sparkling clean. Do not use abrasive cloths, brushes or powder.