Our Story


Who We Are

Supertint is a local, family owned and operated Window Tinting and auto accessories business and was first established in 1976 (now 3rd generation) on the Gold Coast. It is one of the few Window Tinting businesses to withstand the test of time. This is due to good Business Ethics and a great referral base from you the Customer.

Our policy is to serve peoples needs, not just to sell a product. We use top of the range products which have a reputation to work well, look good and last.

Located on the Gold Coast HWY directly across from Miami State High School, if you have any troubles finding us, don’t hesitate to phone us on 5575 2077 and we will gladly help.

What We Do

Car Window Tinting, House Window Tinting and Commercial Window Tinting are just a few of the specialised services that we provide for you. With Supertint’s four decades of history as an established family Window Tinting and Auto Accessories business on the Gold Coast you can be rest assured that your lifetime guarantee has a secure future.

The most important ingredient when buying a product from Supertint is the care factor. We are genuine and this is confirmed by the ongoing relationships unique to this traditionally run business, like a country outlet operating in the city.

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Supertint Car, Home & Office Window Tinting, Roof Racks and Auto Accessories