Rust Protection Warranty

Couplertec Authorised Installer (Supertint) 10 Year Warranty

Electronic Rust Protection Gold Coast

CouplerTec’s Corrosion Warranty is applicable from the date of the final day of the month of the vehicle’s manufacture for a period of Ten (10) years and is also conditional upon no pre-existing rust or corrosion damage and no indication of any impending rust damage or evidence thereof.

Example: A vehicle manufactured in Oct 2011 will have a corrosion warranty through to October 31, 2021.

ONLY the vehicle body is covered by this warranty. The warranty does not cover: Engine, Ancillary and Auxiliary Fittings and Power Drive Train, Exhaust System, Roof Racks, Bull Bars, Tow Bars, Non Standard Fittings, Brake System, Suspension, Heating System, Cooling System, and all fittings and fastenings associated with these components or any part that is insulated from the vehicles main body.

Rust damage that has resulted from battery acid, a collision, accident wether deliberately or accidently is also not covered.

CouplerTec’s Corrosion Warranty will be voided if the system is•

• not installed by an authorised CouplerTec dealer.

• not checked and authorised as being operational and in working order by a CouplerTec authorised dealer within Two (2) weeks of the vehicles manufacture anniversary date.

• not applicable to the vehicle it was intended: i.e. 4WD System for a 4WD Vehicle.

• disconnected, or damaged (internally or externally) as a result of accident (intentional or otherwise).

• fitted to a Commercial Vehicle.

Self Fit Kits 5 Year Warranty

Couplertec Electronic Rust Protection Warranty Gold Coast
All CouplerTec Self Fit Kits’ carry a Five (5) year product warranty.

CouplerTec warrants its Electronic Rustproofing Systems to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period on Five (5) years from the date of purchase.

CouplerTec stands by its Product Warranty 100%, if there is a legitimate fault with a CouplerTec system that is under warranty then CouplerTec will replace the system free of charge.

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