Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Gold Coast

The need to regularly polish and wax your auto is a thing of the past: rather than spending hours cutting and polishing your wheels, Amazing Glaze car paint protection means that you’ll only need to spend a couple of minutes preening your vehicle to get it looking brand spanking new.

Amazing Glaze bonds with the clear coat of your vehicle and creates a barrier to protect it from the effects of oxidation, pollution fallout, acid rain, fading and bird droppings. The car paint protection treatment provides a Teflon based coating infused with anti-detergent agents to prevent its protective layer being washed away.

The number one service for car paint protection in Gold Coast, Supertint are committed to keeping cars sparkling. Protecting the paintwork on your vehicle with car paint protection not only guarantees you a better re-sale value, but it helps to ease the day to day maintenance of your vehicle.

Fabric Maintenance Gold Coast

Install a high quality fabric defence barrier to protect the fabric of your seats and carpets from staining? Our recommended treatment fuses Teflon with fabrics and carpets to create a barrier, wholly resistant to stains, soiling and wear. Colourless, non-toxic and allergy free, our product is safe for all fabric types.

Leather Maintenance Gold Coast

When leather is exposed to heat or UV light, it begins to dry out and eventually crack: employ a leather nourishing treatment to moisturize your seats, keeping them good as new and making them easier to maintain.

With years of experience under our belt, no wonder we are the most trusted service for leather, fabric and car paint protection in Gold Coast. Give us a call today – we’re happy to help.