DIY Car Window Tint Kits

Tinting Your Own Car Windows

How To Tint Car Windows, for the DIY hands-on guy

We WOULD like to start with a disclaimer, don’t try this at home and seek an industry professional before following through with tinting your own windows… BUT, you probably already know this and that’s why you’re here in the first place, because you’ve got the “I can do anything” mindset, well, we support your confidence and enthusiasm and if you play your cards right you CAN in fact do this. Plus, you’re saving yourself workshop labour costs, so why not give it a try, right? Besides, you can use the saved money to reward yourself with a burger, a beer and a pat on the back after you succeed (hopefully).

So, Fellow DIY’er, where do you start?

Well, firstly you’re going to want the window tint. The price of this is going to vary depending on the quality of film you desire. 3M Film’s are going to be your premium quality film, but with this, comes a price tag. However, there are other options available to cater to a smaller budget. Bare in mind, lower quality films are going to start bubbling and going purple over a relatively short period of time (averagely 2 years, depending on sun exposure) – this is fine if you don’t intend on keeping the car forever.

Please, as much as we do encourage your DIY efforts, we ask you to take this matter very seriously as window tint is very delicate and meticulous to work with, if you are not careful, you can crease and ruin the film rather easily. If you’re looking down the DIY route to save some coin and you aren’t 110% confident tackling the task ahead, it may be worthwhile bringing your car to our professional team to get your windows tinted for a fraction more of the cost.

Benefits for Car Window Tinting are that Supertint films provide maximum heat cut-out and thermal insulation. Supertint uses 3M window films that look sensational, perform brilliantly and last a lifetime. All our films have 99% ultra violet protection of both A and B spectrums, B are particularly important for skin protection. (Kids, fair skin, truckies, everyone). The damaging effects of UV Rays deteriorate your cars interior fittings causing upholstery to fade and vinyl and leather to become dry split or crack. With our very own Supertint 3M Film, we cover you for life, that’s our promise – in the same place on the Gold Coast highway since 1976 you can be rest assured you’re dealing with the best, most traditional and most genuine gold coast window tinting experts around.


What the numbers mean, 35% film has 35% v.l.t. (visible light transmittance) which means the film allows 35% of light through and has a 65% glare control.